Make A Big SPLASH With Your Next Album or EP Release

☑️ Complete 15-Month Timeline you can adapt to wherever you are in the process right now

☑️ Training & Guidance from Bree & other Industry Experts in PR, Branding, Spotify Playlists & more

☑️ Monthly & Full Project Checklists to print or copy and adapt to your own timeline

☑️ Templates, Tools & Resources

Get the step-by-step roadmap to plan and execute your next release from start to finish so that you don't get overwhelmed or miss out on important promotional and income opportunities.

Rock Your Next Release

Without Missing Crucial Steps In The Process or Regretting Missed Opportunities

Join Rock Your Next Release

With The Help Of The Rock Your Next Release Program, You CAN Release Your Next Album or EP Without Regretting Missed Opportunities

and without being so overwhelmed that your brain goes in circles!


Video training by Bree Noble & other experts in Planning, Product, Promotion & Profit..


Stop trying to keep up with different timelines for each focus area. Here's one all-inclusive timeline.


Stay accountable to get things done every step of the way with full project and monthly checklists.


Systems to track budget, PR contacts, Spotify Playlist curators, gig bookings and more

What people are saying...

"Bree has everything laid out step by step. I know what I should be doing pre and post release. I know when to put my next song out, when to do the video and how the promotional process works. It's quantifiable progress because I can check things off and stay on track to release my songs."

- Gia Levee

"I feel relaxed knowing that I have this framework to fall back on. Whenever I feel doubtful of what to do next, I just check the framework. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten as serious about pursuing opportunities without this framework."

- Oscar Harfush

"As a result of the Rock Your Next Release framework, my creative plan and my budget, I was able to get funding from an anonymous donor. Now I have a budget where I can look at working with a PR Agency, Social Media Manager and a Professional Arranger. I'm excited about all the possibilities."

- Karen Lyu

"I did want to tell you how much Alisha (my daughter) and I appreciate your training. She’s releasing her first EP next week. We’ve been following your approach, and the results have been amazing. I didn’t want another day to go by without saying, 'Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving so much of you. You are amazing!'"

- Susan Liston & Alisha Liston,

"I've moved my release date back so I can use this system to do it right. I especially love the monthly checklists, spreadsheets & other administrating helps to keep my brain from going in circles."

- Camille Parkman

"This course is rocking and helping me so much. It feels like lesson by lesson you are demystifying this huge, overwhelming process."

- Athena Burke

"This program has saved me from missing out on many important opportunities. I love Bree's well-ordered, easy-to-understand approach. If you follow the system you will be successful."

- Sarah Baker

"My new single is scheduled for release on June 28th.... And I recorded , arranged and produced it myself in my home. I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be capable of doing this. NONE of this would have been possible without Bree Noble who has been the connecting force for my blossoming confidence and skills, not to mention the upcoming tour dates I have booked."

- Lisa Richards

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A Comprehensive Program At A Budget-Friendly Price!

The "Rock Your Next Release System" walks you through the process of successfully releasing your next album or EP so you don't get paralyzed by overwhelm or disappointed by lack of buzz and poor sales.

The Rock Your Next Release Program Includes:

☑️ Rock Your Next Release 15-month timeline-based blueprint

☑️ Video training by Bree Noble across the 8 focus areas

☑️ Expert training on PR, Branding, Spotify Playlists, Release Parties & more

☑️ Complete project checklist and monthly accountability checklists

☑️ BONUS: 7 month social media & email plan including suggested post themes

☑️ BONUS: Complete booking & follow-up system

☑️ BONUS: Tracking systems for PR, radio & Spotify playlist contacts

☑️ NEW BONUS: Live Calls to get your questions answered



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